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3 Tips to Choosing Best Travel Shoes for Women


When travelling, at some point we have to decide on footwear. Sometimes we don’t  have the necessary shoes in the closet and we need to go shopping. But, how to choose  which shoes to purchase or take with you on your trip? Here are three tips for choosing the best travel shoes.

1.Style or type:

Traveling means long hours in shoes. This simply means you need to shoes between heals or flats or both. Think about what you will be doing in them, plus travel shoes for women should be easy on the feet. Flats are safer because you can move around much easier in them.

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They are also better for your feet since you will be spending long hours in them, you need shoes which conform to the natural shape of the feet. When travelling you are most likely going to be doing some amount of walking and flats are the better option for doing so. You don’t want to lose a heel on your trip and this may happen with stilettoes or high heels. A one inch heel isn’t so bad.This brings me to the comfort of the shoes. Flats are more comfortable in some situations but a short sturdy heel will also work fine. Comfortable travel shoes also mean breathable shoes. These are shoes made of material which will allow your feet to feel like they belong there.

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Shoes which are too close fitting which does not allow air inside will cause your feet to sweat and feel very uncomfortable. When choosing your travel shoes it is more important to think of comfort over style. It’s not about how pretty the shoes will look on the feet but how comfortable they feel when you walk. You can always get stylish comfort shoes. Comfort shoes, you can find them at Famous footwear, Shoebacca, Asos, etc. All three points are tied together because the style of the shoes will determine the comfort. The material the shoes are made of will also determine the comfort of the shoes as well. Natural materials such as leather or cotton are flexible and more comfortable than plastic and other synthetic materials. One other factor to consider when choosing travel shoes for women is the durability of the shoes.

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Image Source: http://shawnacoronado.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Kigo-Shoe-

Along with the upper part of the shoes which covers the feet, thing about the cushioning. Shoes which have a shank in the sole are longer lasting and made for activity. A good choice would be rugged walking shoes which is classified as casual wear but comes with the durability you need for travel. Get a discount on your next pair or travel shoes for women with these coupons for Famous footwear

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