9:30 pm - Monday May 22, 2017
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Arabic Mehndi Designs For Hands


Arabic mehndi designs for hands are very famous in the Gulf region. When I say that Arabic mehndi is reached in the West. Easy Arabic mehndi is a single lily or tulip flower drawings are heartbreaking and usually made of simple mehndi designs and styles. There is another view of Arabic mehndi design for your hands.

An example of a typical flower of sunflower oil is used to create the finger tips. This only reinforces the beauty of simple flower. On the other hand, a very beautiful design includes a single line mehndi done, for example, the wings of a peacock at the top of the hand embellish the glory of nature. It is said that to raise half the beauty of Mehndi there is also a friend or just a normal girl.

Arabic mehndi designs tattoos are very familiar with Arabic and drawings in the West and the old ideas of Florida to see changed in the western countries. These simple flowers and changes in the largest dragon tattoos and other designs on the texture of the animal.

The girls are these different tattoos. These designs, which stick to the abdomen, thighs and back of the body. Mehndi designs such as Saudi-Pakistan and India. These Mehndi designs are used primarily for weddings and parties. These drawings are very familiar among the girls.

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