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Arthritis Home Remedies Relief In Urdu


Arthritis Home Remedies Relief  In Urdu the causes of arthritis, Arthritis is usually the result of damage to or destruction of public spaces. Genetics, age, infections, lack of organic sodium and minerals, trauma, mental or physical stress, obesity, cold, or excessive consumption of rich foods: The causes of osteoarthritis are diverse, but most are. The various forms of arthritis is caused by damage to different parts of a joint.

Rheumatoid arthritis usually starts when the synovial membrane (which contributes to the smooth movement of joints) are swollen and hard. Dancers, weightlifters, construction workers and the dancers often suffer from rheumatoid arthritis because of the high stress on the joints of these professions.

Osteoarthritis is damage and wear of the cartilage (the elastic material comprising the end of each bone). In general, the age and genetics are important factors in cartilage degradation. The doctors believe that nearly everyone over 60 years suffer from osteoarthritis to some degree.

Gout is caused by abnormal production of uric acid. When the body is unusually large amounts of uric acid, as the needle-shaped crystals in the joints, instead of the body is excreted in the urine deposited. These crystals cause friction and pain when moving the joint.

Home Remedies for Artthritis

Arthritis Home Remedy Using Alfalfa Seeds
A tea made ​​of alfalfa, especially seeds made​​, has shown favorable results in the treatment of arthritis. Just add a teaspoon of alfalfa seeds in a cup of boiling water. Take three or four cups of tea per day for this about two weeks to reduce inflammation. Another possibility is a regular Alfalfa capsules or add a small amount of alfalfa to their diet.

Natural Treatment for Arthritis Pain Using Cinnamon
Recent studies have shown that cinnamon an excellent natural treatment for arthritis pain. Just add a half teaspoon of cinnamon powder to one tablespoon of honey every morning before breakfast. Repeat this daily for a month. Results should be visible within the first week.

Using Ginger to Relieve Arthritis Pain
Since Turmeric, Ginger Spice has found common kitchen to be an effective natural anti-inflammatory. Therefore, a great remedy for arthritis and cut into slices 1/2 inch fresh ginger and take with each meal.

Arthritis Home Remedies Relief In Urdu

Arthritis Home Remedies Relief In Urdu 1 Arthritis Home Remedies Relief In Urdu 1

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