5:46 pm - Thursday May 18, 2017
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Beauty Tips for Eyes in Urdu


The eyes are undoubtedly the most sensitive and delicate organs we possess, and perhaps the most amazing. They present us with the window through which we view the world, and are responsible for four fifths of all the information our brain receives – which is probably why we rely on our eyesight more than any other sense. in this article read some useful home remedies for eye care in urdu. Urdu home remedies for beautiful eyes, special home remedies for eye dark circle in urdu.

The images we see are made up of light reflected from the objects we look at. This light enters the eye through the cornea. Because this part of the eye is curved, it bends the light, creating an upside-down image on the retina (this is eventually put the right way up by the brain).

Make your eyes your ornament

Eyes are the best part of human organ. They can express any kind of emotion. Even the person who does not have the ability to talk can express himself through the eyes . Taking good care of such an organ is indeed imperative. Not only in cosmetic front but also from medical point of view it is of paramount importance.

Dark Circles.

  • Place chilled slices of cucumber or Apple on your eyes and relax for 10-15 minutes. Do this daily and you will see results in a week or two.
  • Apply chilled tea bags or cotton balls to your eyes. They also work in same way.
  • Place chilled inverted tea spoons on your eyes.
  • Saturate cotton balls with chilled milk and place them on your eyes. Milk provides relief to your eyes, helps in lightening the color and cleanses the eye area gently.
  • Apply herbal tea (green tea preferably) on your eye area with cotton balls. This would also clean your eyes.

Puffy Eyes.

  •     Apply warm tea bags on your eyes.
  •     Put a slice of freshly cut fig on your eye bags and see them disappear magically.
  •     Slice of potato also works beautifully on puffy eyes.
  •     Cold compresses are good.


  •     Put a thin layer of egg white under your eyes to remove the wrinkles.
  •     Pure castor oil prevents formation of wrinkles.
  •     Massage pure coconut oil gently on the area having wrinkles at bed time.
  •     Mix turmeric with sugarcane juice and apply to prevent wrinkles and slow aging.
  •     Rub a slice of pineapple or green apple on your wrinkles.
  •     Mix lemon juice with honey and apply several times a day to fade away wrinkles.

Beauty Tips for Eyes in Urdu

Beauty Tips for Eyes in Urdu

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