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Beauty Tips For Skin Care With Honey In Urdu


Beauty mavens in the ancient world discovered that honey had miraculous effects on their skin — Cleopatra often bathed in milk and honey. Honey is a proven antimicrobial that can help cleanse away harmful bacteria, treat minor scrapes and burns, and even treat acne. It’s a fabulous moisturizer, attracting moisture to your skin and keeping it there, and it contains potent antioxidants that can counteract skin damage and slow the effects of aging. In other words, it’s quite a valuable addition to your skin care regimen! You can find many beauty products on the market that feature honey as a main ingredient, but it’s easy to whip up your own beauty products at home. Here’s how you can use honey to care for your skin.

Create a great cleanser. Honey can be incorporated into an effective cleanser that is gentle on your face while doing wonders for your skin. Combine two tablespoons of honey with two tablespoons of lime juice and four tablespoons of yogurt. Massage the mixture into your skin, then rinse it away.

Exfoliate your skin. For a honey cleansing scrub, mix a tablespoon each of honey and ground almonds with a half teaspoon of lemon juice. Massage the scrub into your skin, then rinse it off with warm water. This will help remove dead skin cells and reveal fresher skin layers.

Make your own moisturizer. Honey can make your skin feel soft and supple. Mix equal parts of honey and your favorite vegetable or neutral oil (try olive or jojoba), and massage the lotion into your dry skin. Leave the lotion on for 15 minutes, then rinse it off.

Add a mask. A simple mask of milk and honey can freshen up your face. Mix equal parts of milk and honey and apply the mask to your face. Leave it on for 15 minutes, then rinse it away.

Banish acne. Try this acne-clearing mask: Combine a grated apple with five tablespoons of warm honey. Leave the mask on for 10 minutes, then wash it away.

Bathe in honey. Add a quarter cup of honey to a warm bath to soothe and moisturize your entire body.

Heal your wounds. For minor burns, scrapes, and cuts, studies have shown that the application of plain honey to the wound can speed healing and decrease the likelihood of infection. Cover the site with a bandage to further protect the wound (and keep the sticky honey from making a mess of everything else).

For the ultimate natural all round healing potion, try Honey.

Thanks to Cleopatra’s milk and honey baths, Honey has become a favorite with one and all to be used in beauty regime.
Beside Cleopatra, there were other beauties from the past, who swear by honey being an indispensable ingredient in beauty treatments.
Pollution, dirt, and other chemical agents in the air make the skin lose its ability to retain water, making it look dry, wrinkled and aging the person bit earlier. The natural hydrating and antioxidant properties of honey trap and seal the moisture, rejuvenate the skin, cleanse the complexion leaving it soft and supple.
Honey in its purest form is suitable for all skin types’ even sensitive skin.
Beauticians suggest using honey abundantly for radiant complexion. Skin care products like baths, shower gels, face creams, skin lotions, moisturizers, body scrubs and even newborns products contain pure honey.

Treat your self to some simple natural skin care remedies with honey at your home

¼ cup of honey to your bath keeps your skin soft and supple.

– Dry skin = 1 tsp honey, vegetable oil each and ¼ tsp of lemon juice. Pat it on dry areas of your skin, leave for 10 mins and rinse with water.
– Make a moisturizing mask with 1 tsp of honey, 1 egg yolk, ½ tsp almond oil and 1 tsp yoghurt. Apply on your face, neck and other parts of your body. Leave for 15 minutes and rinse off with water. You skin will feel moisturized and polished with tightened pores.
– For the silky-smooth skin, mix ¼ cup of honey and 3 tsp of rosewater. Apply to face, neck avoiding sensitive areas around the eye. Massage well and rinse with lukewarm water and enjoy the sensation of an all different skin.

– Open the pores on your face by place a cloth dipped in warm water. Smear honey on your face for 20-30 minutes. Rinse first with warm water and then cold water to close the pores.
– Indulge your skin with the paste of 1 tsp of honey, 1 egg white, 1 tsp glycerin and flour. Smooth it over your face, throat, leaving it on for 10 minutes and then washing it off with warm water. Your skin will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.
– 4 tbsp of whole milk powder and 2 tbsp of honey make an excellent baby bath.

Beauty Tips For Skin Care With Honey In Urdu

Beauty Tips For Skin Care With Honey In Urdu

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