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Beauty Tips For Summer Skin Care Tips in Urdu

The summer days are ideal for rest and relaxation. The sun is bright, literally, the days are longer and the warm weather is ideal for spending time with family and friends or take off on tours or shopping trips. But remember that the summer is also the time when the rules are different beauty. Hot and lazy days can take their toll when. Too much attention to his diet Here are some summer skin care tips in urdu to get through the summer, while looking as good as you want to feel.

Summer skin care Beauty Tips 

  • If you like the tanned look, remember to let the tan happen naturally and over a few days. Exposing yourself to the sun intensely for the sake of a tan can have adverse effects on your skin and make you prone to sunburn and wrinkles. Hence, a sunscreen with a decent SPF, at least 15, should be your best-friend for the summer, even if you want a tan.
  • Water! This is crucial for those of you who love the sun and sand in summertime. At least 8 glasses of water are needed. If possible, carry around a bottle of water with you and remember to drink at least once every 30 min. Water not only helps you feel fresh, but it also prevents dehydration and will help wash out a lot of toxins.
  • If you do get sunburned, apply aloe vera extract or lotions containing aloe vera. The effect of aloe vera will soothe your skin and will also help you heal faster. If you do plan to spend more time in the sun following sunburn, it may be wise to apply a cream containing zinc to help heal the sunburn overnight.
  • The heat brings out fresh batches of bugs, especially in tropical climes like in India. Insect repellants are a must if you want to avoid looking like you have a localized attack of Chicken Pox.
  • For a day at the beach, or if you plan to spend the whole day shopping, fill a misting bottle with a mixture of water and a little toner and spritz your body and neck for a quick cool off. Remember not to spray your eyes!
  • Exfoliation is a must to clear away dead Cells that can otherwise clog up your pores and cause unsightly pimples that can spoil your summer look. Use a scrub that does not dry your skin or make your own; sugar mixed with a little olive oil is very natural and skin friendly.
  • Feet need to look good in summer! They are more visible now than at any other time of the year. Scrub your feet with foot scrubs or make your own with some granular salt or sugar and olive oil. Rubbing this into your legs in a gentle upward motion will have dual effects of exfoliating dry skin and oil massaging your legs as well.
  • Apply body oil or other light oils on heels at night, wrap in cotton gauze and leave it on overnight for soft and sexy feet.
  • If your toenails have turned yellow, now would be good time to soak them in a basin with some mild bleach.
  • On really hot days, you can use a hydrating toner instead of a moisturizer that feels heavy.

Beauty Tips For Summer Skin Care Tips in Urdu

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