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Breast Cancer Information In Urdu


Breast cancer is very common in women.It the type of cancer among women. The main causes are the artificial lifestyle and modern fashion, affecting the health of women. Breast cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells or mammalian cells. This is the most common cancer among women worldwide. Our nervous system controls our bodily functions.

With the electromagnetic impulses our body’s vital functions are controlled. If due to a complication of the nervous system can not control bodily functions, serious problems seem to eventually lead to death. Breast cancer is one of the most serious health problems for the woman herself, in which our nervous system can not control the normal growth of breast cancer cells. Why breasts are abnormal growth of the size and shape of the damage, the normal functions. This condition is called breast cancer women.

Signs and symptoms of breast cancer:

There are no signs or symptoms appear in early stages. In some cases, a tumor can appear metallic in the chest, which are not found by itself. X-ray can be detected, with a medical. So even breast examination is due, then. If you are in, or a group feels solid in the chest a physician should be consulted as soon as possible for them. According to the American Cancer Society,

breast following symptoms may be signs or symptoms of breast cancer in women in their early stages.
(1) of the breast inflammation or swelling in any part
(2)Chest pain
(3) deepen the sore nipples and nipple
(4) The swelling / redness in the breast and the breast skin thickening
(5) The secretion of breast milk that
Tips to protect against breast cancer:
(1) Try the natural style to incorporate into your life.
(2) Do not wear tight clothes and practices.
(3) No support is very narrow. Keep a little loose and easy.
(4) Married women should feed their babies for up to two years.

Breast Cancer Information In Urdu


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