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Drinking Water Purification at Home In Urdu


Easy water purification techniques are in hot demand when it comes to keeping the earth environmentally sound and its population healthy. Water is an important natural resource that people can do their part to control and recycle, utilizing “green” techniques wherever possible. These four methods are good, simple ways to purify your water.


The easiest way to purify water without any chemicals or additives is to boil it. All it takes is 1 minute of a constant rolling boil and your water will be purified.


Iodine right out of your first aid kit can also be used. Approximately 20 to 40 drops can do the trick, depending on the murkiness of the water. Be sure to let it stand for 30 minutes before drinking.


For the true purification of water, distillation, collect the steam that comes off a boiling pot of water – the condensation, when cooled, is almost completely sterilized.


Tiny amounds of bleach can also purify. You should add 16 drops of regular, household bleach per gallon. and let it set 30 minutes before drinking. You can pick up eco-friendly bleach at your local grocery store.

As an added extra piece of information, when purifying water by adding iodine or bleach: pour the water between two containers to allow the oxygen to circulate through it. This helps provide a better taste.

Water Treatment Steps

  1. Have water tested for contaminants.
  2. Remove fine sand, silt, clay and other particles, using a mechanical filter or sedimentation.
  3. Treat bacterial contamination, using chlorination or other forms of disinfection.
  4. Remove hydrogen sulfide gas and other odor-causing substances, using chlorination, an oxidizing filter, or activated carbon.
  5. Remove insoluble iron and manganese particles using:
    • a mechanical filter
    • a water softener, for small amounts of dissolved iron and manganese
    • an oxidizing filter for higher amounts of dissolved iron and manganese
    • a chlorinator followed by a mechanical filter or an activated carbon filter for very high amounts of dissolved iron and manganese.
  6. Treat for hardness using a water softener.
  7. Neutralize acidity using a neutralizing filter.
  8. Remove volatile organic chemicals, trihalomethanes, certain pesticides and radon, using an activated carbon filter.
  9. Remove heavy metals, such as lead, mercury, arsenic, or cadmium, with reverse osmosis units or a distiller.

Drinking Water Purification at Home In Urdu

Drinking Water Purification at Home In Urdu

Drinking Water Purification at Home In Urdu

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