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Foot Care Tips In Urdu


Most foot odor or body odor comes from bacteria.To get rid of the odor the bacteria must be killed. Wash your feet every night with antibacterial soap. Dry your feet well. Then pour rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle and spray your feet from top to bottom, front to back with the alcohol. Use this method every time you have foot odor. This worked WONDERS for me!! Now remember this!! Your feet WILL continue to smell as long as they remain wet and sweaty all day.
This is how bacteria forms. Try to keep your feet DRY! Wear white socks not black. Use foot or baby powder. Change socks or shoes twice daily if needed. Special homemade foot care tips in urdu easy and effective.

Remove Bad Foot Smell and Cracked Heals Homemade Remedies

1) Put a foot soaking basin on the floor (and a towel). Add one quart of cool water to the basin.
2) Boil a separate quart of water.
3) After it boils, turn off heat. Put four tea bags in the water & give it a stir.
4) Let the tea bags steep for ten to fifteen minutes – the tea cannot be too strong (the stronger the better).
5) Pour “Foot Tea” into the basin of cool water.
6) Soak feet for 30 minutes in warm to cool tea.
7) Repeat this daily for one week – Make a fresh batch everyday.

Afterwards, most people only have to repeat this maybe once or twice monthly. You just have to see how it works for you. You can do the same if you have sweaty palms – soak your hands too. The tannins have a drying effect and also kill the odor causing bacteria. Also, be sure to give your shoes a rest – Don’t wear the same shoes two days in a row. Wash your feet with an antibacterial soap and dry them well the rest of the time. Hope this helps someone else – it’s worth it.

Beauty Tips For Foot How to Treat Dry, Cracked Feet

Feet are hard workers. They support all your body weight and more! They’re stuffed in socks and shoes, and often they’re not washed and cared for as well as the other parts of your body. The result: The soles of your feet may develop red or flaky patches and begin to peel, itch, and crack. You may even experience bleeding or discharge. Cracked feet, also known as heel fissures, are a common problem for people of all ages. When the cracks in your feet are deep, they often split the skin wide open, making it prone to bleeding and infection, which can cause pain when you stand or walk. So it’s important to treat cracked feet before they get worse. Here, some easy tips for how to treat cracked feet.

  • Cracked feet are often caused by dry skin that makes them extra susceptible to irritation and cracking. Pressure on the foot makes the skin split. One way to avoid this is to moisturize the soles of your feet twice a day. Use a hypoallergenic moisturizing lotion and apply liberally to feet, paying extra attention to your heels and tendons.
  • Drink more water to combat dryness and dehydration, which can cause cracked feet or make them worse.
  • Get regular pedicures so that your feet are clean, healthy, and smooth.
  • Avoid open-heeled or high-heeled shoes, as these can make cracked feet drier and more painful. Wear breathable shoes with or without cotton socks.
  • Soak your feet in warm water with liberal amounts of baby oil. Pat dry and surround them in plastic wrap so that they stay moist.
  • Try an oil-based moisturizing cream. Look for ones with vitamin E, shea butter, and aloe.
  • Smooth wet feet regularly with a pumice stone. This reduces the thickness of hard, cracked, calloused skin. Be sure to scrub the pumice over the balls and heels of your feet.

Foot Care Tips In Urdu

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