10:45 am - Tuesday May 23, 2017
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Healthy and Strong Hair Care Tips In Urdu


In this article you will read the useful tips of healthy and strong hair care tips in urdu. Every woman wants healthy and beautiful hair. But the number of hair problems is increasing. There are many hair care products are available in the market. Women use expensive products to make their hair long and healthy as a conditioner, hair oils, shampoos, etc. and also get expensive treatments salon. Sometimes, these treatments have adverse effects on the hair. Such products contain harmful chemicals. Simple protective measures may be useful for the hair. In this paper, we give you some tips for healthy hair in urdu.

  • Hair should regularly wash with a mild shampoo, then dirt, dust reduction, hair care products or hair spray, preferably made of natural substances are useful for washing hair.
  • How many times have you washed your hair, because there is no rule? If you do not have very oily hair, you do not wash every day.
  • The shampoo has a clean and smooth, continuous is possible in the range of weakly acidic pH.
  • Never use soap to wash hair. Many soap deposits that dull hair and dry scalp.
  • Before washing, comb your hair, then you do so wet with warm water. In addition, the scalp should be thoroughly wet.
  • And please do not shampoo too much: 80 percent of people use. Just a lot – depending on hair length – the size of a hazelnut.
  • You should stop after shampooing and exposure by flushing with water. In general: Wash 5 times the time it took to foam. Any residue of shampoo may burn, itch, and can promote the formation of dandruff.
  • After a new permanent hair removal must be washed after 4 days.
  • Dry hair is a great stress. Best of all, you must first press after rinsing gently with a towel head. Wild dry rub is very bad for your hair. Wait 10 minutes, the towel wrapped around his head. Both the water is absorbed.

Healthy and Strong Hair Care Tips In Urdu Healthy and Strong Hair Care Tips In Urdu

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