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Home Made Ubtan benefits in Urdu for Skin Care


There are some things that gave us the nature, too good for the skin when used as they proved their worth. The trick is to use follow the correct procedure, which looks more beautiful than ever!Follow these easy steps, with some of the most easily available at home and you know you are beautiful, after all is not as difficult as you think!

This advice is that age and natural beautifying transmitted from one generation to another and remains rock solid. Can not find all the beautiful Ubtan, no matter what happens. Ubtan goes back to antiquity and the heritage of our rich Indian heritage. But Ubtan works best when applied one day for a period of time, since only after the application continued for a period of, say, three to six months to show their beautiful colors!

Although Ubtan is readily available in the market, especially in India, you can do at home.

Ubtan Ingredients: 1 tablespoon almond paste, 1 tablespoon cashew paste, pistachio paste, 1 1 / 2 teaspoon, 1 tablespoon malai (skin of boiled milk), 1 tablespoon wheat germ oil, rose 1 tablespoon water 1 / 4 cup red lentils, add chickpeas flower (to thicken).

Method: Grind all the nuts enter into a blender until powdered mentioned, and add the remaining ingredients. Once you let it dry a fine paste, a massage in the upward movement in your face and leave for a few minutes. Rinse with cold water.

Get the glow you are famous, such as the justice of a color on your face, simply by applying papaya. It is beneficial for skin care and repair. Papaya helps in the treatment and disposal of old, dead skin cells, dandruff and other skin and even reduces the signs of premature skin aging.

Preparation: Cut the papaya cubes, some of them turn into a paste. Now apply this paste applied pure and healthy in your face and gently massage. Leave for ten minutes, then rinse with cold water. It is the best natural mask, each with a view to the best bag.

Haldi, besan, cream:
This is the recipe for his grandmother as a nice skin, shiny and young unknown. No wonder the brides, the full body massage this mixture of magic, and this tradition will have decreased since ages. Note: You can use lemon juice as a substitute for rose water and honey. Besan helps remove facial hair and Haldi helps lighten the skin and gives moisture cream and makes it soft and supple. In addition, it takes care of your blackheads as well, and leaves the skin radiant!

Method:Take two tablespoons of kisses on a plate and a pinch of haldi and a teaspoon of cream to it. A drop of honey and a drop of rose water and mix with your fingers. Know how to apply on the face and massage in an upward motion, and after the massage, he let them dry completely. Rinse with cold water.

Tomatoes act as a natural bleach. Yes, you no longer need to visit your room when you make it a point to make tomato paste or tomato skin on your face every day. It is a proven formula that works wonders on all skin types. No side effects and is a blessing.

Home Made Ubtan benefits in Urdu for Skin Care

Home Made Ubtan benefits in Urdu for Skin Care

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