11:20 am - Tuesday May 23, 2017
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Homemade Facial Mask in Urdu


Warm summer weather is in full gear, which means cooling off takes a little more creativity. Your skin usually helps you keep cool by sweating out toxins and evaporating water from its surface, so why don’t you return the favor and pamper your body’s peel with a cooling homemade facial mask? One of the most effective facial masks is that developed with sodium bicarbonate and water. Before any operation, however, you must wash your face with a cleanser to clean the skin pores. After that, the mixed sodium bicarbonate with water, and applied this compound on acne, leaving it to stand for about five or ten minutes. When you remove the paste from your face, you will notice how your skin feels softer, and in this case, repeat the treatment a few times a week so you can say goodbye to your pimples. Attention however: this type of mask is not effective on all skin types, for which, for some may represent a solution to acne, for others do not. So if you do not notice any improvement after applying this mask, try another type.

Homemade Facial Mask in Urdu

Homemade Facial Mask in Urdu

Best Face Mask

Ingredients :

• Sweet Peas …………………… 2 Tablespoons

• Evening Primrose Oil ……… 1 Tablespoon

• Yogurt ………………………….. 1 Tablespoon

• Grape Seed Extract ……….. 1 Tablespoon

• Carrots Juice ………………… 1/2 Cup

Method :

– Mix all the ingredients in a blender

– Smooth the skin and leave for 30 minutes

– Wash your face using lukewater and then splash it with cold water

At the age of 40, the changes in your skin are going deeper to involve proteins like Collagen and Elastin. For example, collagen begins increased cross-linking inside the molecule, the thing that causes more tense less elastic collagen. Sweet Peas contain an enzyme inhibitor called 3-Amino-Propionitrile that inhibits the enzyme Lysyl Oxidase responsible for cross linking of collagen. Grape seed extract helps build more collagen.

True, you will be surprised when applying for the first time.

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