10:59 am - Tuesday May 23, 2017
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How To Make Ubtan at Home Specialy For Brides


In this article we provide some basic need for all women specially  in marriage functions how to make ubtan at home specialy for brides.  As u must be knowing in our desi way of marriages…we have brides putting on ubtan in their mayon …which is usually for two three weeks…which is brought one day by groom’s mother which is before mehndi…the question is how to make uptan…different people have given different views…what are your style? let me tell ya the ways other lady make 1)Gram flour, sandalwood powder, lil curd, turmeric, Rose water. Make a paste and is ready to apply. 2)take 1 cup of whole moong beans make powder add turmeric rose water make a paste and apply if no rose water any attar or perfume will do 3)take besan mix it with milk and a bit of haldi…som also put lemon juice or sandalwood powder and rosewater to make it aromatic 4)take some besan ,honey,few drops of lemon juice and pinch of haldi mix it well try it . 5) The ubtan — make a thick paste of refined flour ( white flour) and fresh cream. The consistency should be almost but not quite like clay doh!. apply on your face and keep massaging your face. soon bits of paste start falling off your face and so does any makeup/dirt on your face. another simpler one — This is for those who do not have dry skin. Wash your face with gramflour and water paste. rub it and wash it off completely. You have aclean and healthy skin.for a glowing skin — soak pink gram ( we call it masoorwith the skin removed here) in milk for a couple of hours. Groind it into a paste in your mixer. the consistency is similar to that of cake dough. If it is thick, you can add milk. take a teaspoon and apply on your face like a face pack. wash it off when it dries. Refrigrate the remaining mixture and use it over the next few days. i want more ideas..it would be great to know from you all..

Homemade Ubtan for bride and groom

Ubtan is a paste made from flowers and nuts to which oils and nuts have been added.This Ubtan massages are applied to both bride and groom before marriages for the glow of the skin Facial Ubtan Formula:

1 Tablespoon almond paste

1 Tablespoon cashew Paste

11/2 teaspoons pistahio paste

1 tablespoon malai 1 tablespoon wheat germ oil

1 tablespoon rose water

1/4 cup red lentil paste chickpea flower (to thicken)

Ubtan for moisturizing

Ubtan is an age old ayurvedic beauty mixture used by brides to be for getting a healthy glowing skin. Ubtan paste draws heat from the body and stimulates lymph flow. Its also a very good exfoliant. They help is releasing toxins from the body cauing the skin to show a healthy glow.

Any ubtan should be massaged onto the face/body in gentle circular motions for 10 -15 minutes then washed off with lukewarm water. Here is a ubtan recipe for deep moisturizing the skin. Very good for dry skin.

5-6 blanched almonds with skin removed 1/2 cup cream 2 tsp sesame oil 1 teaspoon tulsi powder soak almonds in the cream overnight. In a food processor, combine the almonds with the cream, the sesame oil and tulsi powder. Rub onto your face with gentle circular motion for 10-15 minutes.Rinse off with cool water.

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