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Increase Breast Size In Urdu Naturally

The desire to increase breast size is common. However, with countless products, equipment and herbs on the market touting to provide breast enlargement, it’s hard to know what will work for you. Rather than look to these products, consider alternative methods. By eating the right foods and performing certain activities and exercises, you can help increase your cup size.

Some Breast Enlargement Tips Naturally

  • Take about 15 grams of Masoor Dal (Red Lentils) and soak it in water for about an hour or till it becomes soft. Then put it in a Mixer to make a pine paste. This paste has to applied to the Breasts [not massaged].
  • The plant extracts of fenugreek help improve the breast size of a woman. It does so by regulating the hormones. Blessed thistle has estrogenic properties, which enhance the process of breast enlargement as well. Fennel seeds again, contain a high level of flavonoids which increase the amount of estrogen, thereby stimulating growth.
  • One of the popular natural remedy for increasing the breast size is having watercress leaf, an ingredient high on vitamin E.
  • As can be seen, there are inexpensive and easily available options for enhancing your breast size. Before experimenting with natural herbs, it is always suggested you rule out possibilities of allergies, and then progress. Enjoy feeling beautiful!
  • Fenugreek is an herb that is associated with breast enlargement. It can also be taken to increase the amount of milk in lactating mother. The chemical constituent in fenugreek stimulates the breast enlarging hormones leading to size growth.
  • Lady’s mantle (Botanical neme: Alchemilla vulgaris is a highly effective herb for breast enlargement. Consumption of Lady’s mantle increases the blood circulation in local tissues through its astringent properties. With this the fat deposits increases. This in turn results in the enlargement of breast. Also the sagging or breast is greatly reduced leading to very attractive and proportionate breasts..
  • Radish has astringent properties that enhance the blood supply to the local tissue. Its intake leads to the balanced distribution of fat in the body
  • Consume fennel seeds as this act like estrogen dose in the body. These are also given to the breastfeeding mother in increase the amount of milk. Also fennel helps in regularizing the menstruation. Most of the breast enlarging pills contain fennel
  • Soy or soya bean that is also called Glycine soja is rich source vegetarian protein. Consume this for better result
  • One must incorporate a slice of papaya every day in the diet as it is rich in cancer fighting lycopene. Also some studies have found that it halts breast cancer. Also eating papaya after a meal helps in digestion, and prevents bloating, gas production, and indigestion.
  • Tricticum vulgare is popular wheat germ oil that regulates blood supply to the breast making it fuller in appearance. Tricticum vulagre also helps in having the soft and supple skin around the breast.

Increase Breast Size in Urdu Naturally Home remedies

Increase Breast Size In Urdu Naturally

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