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Nail Care Tips At Home In Urdu


Nail Care Tips At Home In Urdu / Nail care home remedies
Nails called keratin protein. so that the correct amount of this protein must be ingested with food. We can obtain these proteins in eggs, meat, soybeans, corn, seafood addition to calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B for the provision taken from the rich yellow egg necessary, milk. Dairy products.

  • Drink plenty of water for brittle nails, because the division of the nails is often due to dehydration of the body. Like other skin needs plenty of water is needed for healthy nails.
  • As the nails grow too rough and uneven, so it must be avoided properly in round and square pitch after cutting, they need with the appropriate grain to be filed smooth edges are cut.
  • The cuticles should be pushed back in time to remove the cuticles cut at least once a week. When the cuticle is not properly removed at some point establish infections and bleeding and severe pain.
  • Try to keep the nails inside as clean as possible because they are in direct contact with their internal organs during the meal.

First Enjoy polish your nails in warm water for at least 2 minutes, then brush with a toothbrush or nail or nail brush with soft bristles.
Second After cutting the nails and cuticles, apply lemon juice to be too soft on them.
Third Apply a thin layer of tea tree oil on the nails of the fingers to keep it clean and free of fungus.
4th The application of garlic juice, or rub your toe nails with a strong and healthy.

Precautions to protect the nails;

Prevent the continued use of nail polish, because it consists of oxygen to reach the nails and the constant application of which can also cause discolored nails prevented.
Chlorine and sun are brittle nails, as the sun, the elements of sun protection products and the use of vitamin E oil seems to protect, if it is a work of saline.
If your nails are not strong enough, then it may be well dressed, and after short intervals after harvest, apply hand lotion to smooth it.

Home remedies for healthy nails

Nail Care Tips At Home In Urdu

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