11:20 pm - Tuesday February 9, 2016
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Potato Benefits Health In Urdu


You may have noticed sweet potatoes popping up on more restaurant menus in recent years. It’s not just because so many people have realized that these kinds of potatoes are extremely tasty in a variety of ways, whether as fries, in pancakes or in a soup. It’s also due to the fact that many health experts have discovered the amazing potato benefits health in urdu. In fact, sweet potatoes can help with everything from getting better skin to fighting against cancer. This article explores the many ways in which you can improve your health by adding sweet potatoes to your diet.The potato is a delicious food high in starch and low in fat. It is also a natural beauty product. The potato has 5 major benefits:

1.Brightening the skin

A direct application of fresh potato juice on one’s face provides a significant brightening effect for the skin and clears stains. Cooked potato slices pasted on one’s face or eyes reduce swollen pouches and wrinkles. A cotton ball soaked in fresh potato juice can help young people eliminate acne.

Potato Benefits Health In Urdu

Potato Benefits In Urdu

2. Improving one’s mental state

Potatoes are rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, minerals and many nutrients that can positively affect one’s emotions, improving one’s mental state. Eating potatoes also solves the problem of a pH imbalance in one’s body that results from eating too many acidic foods like meat.

3. To help lose weight

Potatoes contain only 0.1 per cent fat. They have a wonderful effect on the human body. Eating potatoes can produce the effect of “fat men get thinner, thin ones get stronger”. Dieters should eat potatoes as a basic food; one medium size potato per meal is good.

4. Potatoes act as an anti-aging food

Potatoes are rich in vitamins B1, B2, B6 and pantothenic acid, cellulose and amino acids, which can help slow the ageing process.

5. Potatoes make the human body stronger

Potatoes are rich in potassium. It has diuretic and antispasmodic effects, and can help fight ecchymosis, neuralgia, arthritis, coronary heart disease and eye pain. Its high content of protein and group-B vitamins can also help improve memory and clarity of mind.

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