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Skin Care Homemade Tips In Urdu


Beautiful skin comes from within. We can use the most expensive products, but if we don’t take care of our bodies and eat terribly unhealthy food everyday, for example, then it will show up immediately in our skin. Unhealthy habits can cause dull skin, dark circles, puffy eyes, breakouts and prematurely aged skin just to name a few! Use the below tips all together for the ultimate homemade remedies for glowing skin in urdu!

Skin Care Homemade Tips In Urdu

Skin Care Homemade Beauty Tips In Urdu

1.    Apply lemon on your face because it makes your face glow and it’s a very good bleaching agent that will help you resolve your fairness issues.
2.    By applying potato juice on your skin can make your face white gradually by using this tip.
3.    Before going to a Party you can apply this simple and quick remedy. Take a banana and peal it, take the pulps and mix it properly and apply to your face and see the amazing affect. Keep the paste at least 10 to 15 minutes on your face.
4.    You can apply papaya juice on your face to make it fair and glowing and it also removes dead cells from your skin and repairs your skin in no time.
5.    Apply lemon juice with cucumber juice, it helps you lighten your skin and it is very useful for oily skins.
6.     Get an egg and take the white part and apply it to your face it will help you make your skin soft and smooth.
7.    Grind the orange peel after drying it. Then mix it with milk and apply the paste on your skin, it helps your skin glow and take out the dirt from the pores.
8.    Zinc and lactic acid are very good for the skin; you can get these things from curd. Apply curd on your face and get fair looking skin with in no time.
9.    Use almond oil and olive to improve your skin color and to remove the dirt from within the face pores and use this home remedy to cure dry skins.
Tips in Urdu
10.    Rose water is one of the best tricks to make your skin look gorgeous and make your skin very soft.
Beauty Tips is really on of the best site giving you many homemade remedies which can change your life and can also safe your pocket. By using these home made remedies you can get fair and glowing skin no time. Products now a days are very expensive and they work really good too, but the affect is a little slow. In order to get quick and glowing fairness without any side affects you should follow these simple and easy steps, which are very affective and work in time so you can relate yourself with other people in the community without any hesitation.
In this article I have focused the area that how can you get quick fairness on your face without any difficulties. If you like this article and you have anything in your mind that you have to add or you think that there is something missing in the article you can comment in the comment box below or directly contact me through our contact us page.
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