3:53 pm - Tuesday April 25, 2017
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Special Bridal Mehndi Designs

Wedding is the most important ceremony in a women’s life. It is believed that the dream of a new life is drawn on the bride’s palm with mehndi. It is said in the Indo-Pak sub continental countries that if the mehndi color gets brighter on a bride’s palm, she receives immense love from her husband. Besides, there is a custom in Indian wedding that the groom has to find out his name or name initials written in calligraphic form hidden in the bride’s mehndi. So mehndi design has occupied a position of great priority in marriage rituals of Indo-Pak subcontinents and bridal mehndi designs are of great demand as people of this region arrange special festivals concentrating on Mehndi.
You will find special bridal mehndi designs offered by beauty parlors during wedding season. Latest mehndi patterns up to elbow or even up to arms are popular now. Besides, latest mehndi designs for feet up to a little above the toe are now becoming common and popular. Colorful mehndi designs are of recent origin initiated in India. Arabic mehndi designs are also popular for bridal purpose. These designs are special for backside hand with more floral varieties as well as newer patterns.
Mehndi is no more left alone and simple on bride’s hands. Different colors matching with the bridal dress and make up are integrated into latestst mehndi patterns. Now a day colorful crystals are also being used to attach on the skin as an ornamentation of mehndi patterns. It really looks gorgeous and elegant. You must try these.
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