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Teeth Care Home Remedies In Urdu


Teeth care home remedies in urdu.Tooth care is one of the most essential parts of healthy living. There is a popular adage – tooth care should begin at home. Regular and proper brushing and other simple home care methods prevent the decay and infection of tooth and gum. This in turn saves you from spending a whole lot of money in expensive oral treatment and surgery. There are a number of ways you can take good care of your teeth at home. Let us explore some of the simplest yet important home remedies for tooth care.

  • Apart from a balanced diet, you can try out certain remedies like neem, garlic and clove in various forms to prevent any kind of tooth infection and pain and also to maintain white shining teeth. Rose water as well as peppermint water are good refreshing agents and can be used as mouthwash.
  • Take cayenne extract, clove oil, chamomile tea, lobelia extract, or pennyroyal tea or chew on catnip to relieve tooth pain.
  • Take vitamins A, C, and D for general tooth health.
  • Take bonemeal and dolomite to fortify the teeth.
  • The use of clove oil. Clove oil in a cotton swab is a good and strong anti-septic that reduces the pain until you will be able to visit the dentist for proper treatment. The cotton swab will be place in the cavity, and gives an instant and immediate relief of pain.
  • Garlic is commonly used among Europeans and it is said to be very effective toothache remedy. It also prevent infection of the teeth and mouth. This is done by chewing off the garlic or putting it against the tooth.
  • A mixture of pepper and table salt is a good cleaning mixture. It prevents bad breath, dental cavities, bleeding and painful gums, and toothache. This mixture also helps in curing the a super sensitive teeth. And also, pepper mixed with clove oil place in the dental cavity will reduce the pain brought by toothache.

These home remedies will not completely stop your oral diseases but only provide an instant and immediate relief of pain. So, proper dental health care needs to be imposed to finally stop the agonizing pain brought by toothache and other gum diseases.

Simple Home Remedies For Teeth In Urdu

Teeth Care Home Remedies In Urdu

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