10:41 am - Tuesday May 23, 2017
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Tips On Using Henna For Hair


The degree of pollution increasingly , dust and stress at work leave our hair so dull and lifeless. Moreover, it is clear skin and perfect body, hair also be given to one of the most important aspects of our body to our utmost care and attention. Today, various forms of media , including newspapers and television are filled with lots of ads for hair products . But they are all really sure that they assume to be? If you’d like, any doubts about the use of hair products or commercial hair dyes are commercially available , the best and only way to natural henna , one of the wonderful gifts that go given to us by nature. Many people suffer from hair problem such as hair loss, dandruff, etc. to be used henna in addition , to treat these problems , above, is also widely used in the world to color hair. Learn more about the use of henna and how they contribute to healthy hair. Scroll to the radiation further .

Dye Hair Naturally

  • People with gray hair , hair loss, etc. depend on henna on your hair to get rid of all the problems . Those who like to color their hair can also try their hand at henna, which , the ultimate shine gives not only as a natural color, but also an effective air conditioning the hair. Whether young or middle-aged women , is the use of henna universal and do not come with any kind of restrictions.
  • Henna, in addition to coloring your hair, reduces dandruff. If your hair gets tangled , it helps to loosen the curls and helps to make it clear and thick.
  • Unlike other colorants is therefore not transparent henna dye , but covers the hair shaft rather than with natural red color. So you do not need to fear the harmful side effects of color, as it is 100 % safe.
  • In case your hair loses its luster , all you need to do is a mixture of dry henna , lemon juice, produce water and apply on the hair. After an hour wash and see the difference yourself! You can reduce gray hair apparent when you use henna regularly.
  • In addition to the above advantages, Henna has been used since ancient times to treat skin diseases and other ailments such as ulcers , headaches , jaundice , leprosy, etc. However, a beginner henna must treat make sure you buy natural henna powder to the deep red color get . Wear a pair of gloves under the henna paste on the hair and also make sure that you wash your hair before coloring it carefully.

Mehendi Powder for hair coloring

  • The process of coloring your hair with henna may seem a little boring. But still know a few simple techniques that art can be easily controlled.
  • It is always advisable to buy henna powder from pre-mix henna sometimes tend to have certain chemicals with them.
  • The amount of henna be used depends on the volume and length of the hair .
  • Like the color of henna has an innate ability to the skin , hands, and even color of clothing , make sure that before you start the process for dyeing your hair you wear old clothes or wrap your shoulders with an old towel.
  • To make attractive color , always henna base of the scalp, and then move gradually to the tip of the hair . Once you are done with the application of all parts of hair with henna, roll it into a bun and wait patiently for three to six hours , leave to dry the henna.
  • Finally, use hot water to wash the henna. You can then a good shampoo and condition your hair as you usually make .
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