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Urdu Skin Care Tips ( Noraml Skin )


Hydration is an essential part of any daily care. After washing your face, no matter your skin type – dry, oily or sensitive – they require moisture to improve skin tone and texture, and cover imperfections. It is always advisable to use a moisturizer that includes the use of a FPS, but the kind of moisturizer should be used depends on your skin type.

See instructions below how to be a moisturizer, select the right one for you.

Moisturizers by Skin Type

For oily skin: Many people are afraid of moisturizers for oily skin and prone to outbursts, but the whole skin needs moisture! Look for water-based products noncomedogenic, or can not clog the pores. Try to give an oil free moisturizer or serum to your face the moisture it needs without the extra shine. CLICK HERE for more tips for oily skin.

For dry skin: Moisture is essential for dry skin. If your skin is chapped, try oil-based moisturizers that contain urea or propylene glycol, which helps keep the skin moist included. To avoid excessive dryness, heavy work moisturizing and creamy. If you are just starting a routine, you may need to re-apply the moisturizer several times a day to keep skin moist. CLICK HERE for more tips for dry skin.

For combination skin: Choose a moisturizer or oil-based cream and apply liberally when the skin is dry. If the skin is normal, a moisturizer with a light water-based, non-greasy feel most comfortable.

For sensitive skin: Choose moisturizers designed for sensitive skin. Typically, these scents or no dyes which can irritate the skin. Also make sure that the moisturizer SPF against UV rays, to dilute the dermis, triggers the appearance of free radicals and increases the likelihood of allergy attacks tend to protect sensitive skin. Click here for more travel tips for sensitive skin.

Urdu Skin Care Tips( Noraml Skin )

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